Insert and edit images in your Knowledge Base articles

10/29/2020 1:18 PM

How do I insert image(s)/GIF(s) into my article?

  1. In the article Body text editor, select Relay text formatting 14 (Manage Files). 
  2. Click Select File(s) and browse for image(s)/GIF(s) on your computer.
  3. Select Image as the File Type.
  4. Click Upload File(s). The first uploaded image/GIF will appear in the article body where you left off. More images/GIFs can be inserted in the article by re-opening Relay text formatting 14 (Manage Files) and clicking on the image/GIF.

How do I resize an article image or GIF?

Method 1 

Method 1 allows you to scale an image without changing its proportions.

  1. Click on the image. You will see a blue frame appear around it.
  2. Drag one of the corners of the frame to resize the image. 

Method 2

Method 2 allows you to change the proportions of an image. 

  1. Click on the image. You will see an icon menu appear under it. 
  2. Click on the Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.12.14 PM.png(Change Size) icon. 
  3. Edit the width and height, in pixels (px). 

Relay_ Knowledge Base - Boomtown KB - Edited - Edited.gif

What do the image menu icons mean?

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.10.47 PM.png

  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.17.29 PM.pngReplace: upload, drop, or search for a new image.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.11.19 PM.pngAlign: select between Left, Right, and None.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.11.27 PM.pngImage Caption: select to add a caption below the image. Deselect to remove the caption.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.11.30 PM.pngRemove: delete the image.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.11.40 PM.pngInsert Link: link the image to an external URL.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.11.50 PM.pngDisplay: select between Inline and Break Text.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.12.01 PM.pngStyle: select between Rounded, Bordered, and Shadow. You can select/deselect multiple options.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.12.10 PM.pngAlternative Text: edit the html alt text. This helps search engines understand what the image is and helps your rankings globally across the website.
  • Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.12.14 PM.pngChange Size: resize the image.

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