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talech POS Register Application on Poynt

Last Updated: 5/21/2020 9:01 PM

talech POS on Poynt

Talech has released it's full feature POS Application on Poynt (the Smart Credit Card Terminal). Before this release, you needed an iPad to use the talech POS software. Now, all the original features are available on the Poynt terminal hardware and it's going to be a gamechanger for local businesses. 

Pricing: $40/month to $99/month based on features

talech Sales Hub: https://www.talech.com/sales_portal/partner

What's the difference between talech and the generic software on Poynt?

Poynt is a great replacement for a basic credit card terminal and has enough in its generic software to compete with Square, Clover and other MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale Solutions). The only problem with the out-of-the-box feature set on Poynt is its lack of features when selling to a high-end retail establishment or quick service restaurants.

Here is why talech POS might be a better fit for your merchants business.

1. Order Type, Customer Information, Loyalty

The talech app on Poynt provides the ability to choose the order type (Delivery, Dine-In, Take-Out). When submitting an order the merchant can also assign the ticket to a number or custom name. The merchant can then build a customer profile to save on file for future orders or look up the existing customer's profile information quickly using the embedded search bar on the ordering screen.

Once the merchant has captured the customer's information, they can enable a loyalty feature that tracks (1) how many times the customer has visited (2) the customers overall value (money spent) and (3) help automate marketing campaigns based off the customer's behavior.

2. Website Integration & Online Ordering

Most online ordering companies take a high percentage of the merchant's sale where talech doesn't take any rev-share. talech has a built-in website integration that images the same menu on the Poynt terminal as it does online. Therefore the menu stays the same when you make any adjustments both offline or online.

3. All Payment Types Included + Gift Card Capabilities

With talech the merchant will have the ability to choose different payment types like Credit Card, Cash, Check, Gift Card, Store Credit and 'Other' where the user can write in a memo. Store credit gets pretty interesting when you have frequent visitors and the built-in Gift Card capabilities is a must have.

4. Online Dashboards, Sales Reports, Employee Permissions

Summary reports are provided in real time through the Poynt terminal and the complementary online dashboard. The merchant can generate reports by the employee, shift, and whatever time-range you need.

There is also the ability to manage employees and set different permissions types based on the individual's role in the company. This way employees will only get access to appropriate functionalities and information.

5. Inventory Management

One thing that the generic software in Poynt lacks is inventory management. With talech, merchants can see how many items they have sold and get a count on the remaining inventory they have left. The merchant then can set up notifications if they're running low on inventory.

6. Customizable Menu & Intelligent Order Sending

talech has made it easy to customize the images on the menu and it also provides the ability to send different items to the kitchen at different times. You can segment the various courses at a fine dining restaurant and have all the items per course send at the same time. It is also really easy to use modifiers and assign different orders to different customers or table numbers. If the merchant has multiple locations they have a simple feature to sync the menus between the various locations.

This is just a sneak peak on how the talech software can compete heavily with any other Point of Sale solution. When selling talech on the Poynt hardware, you'll have a huge advantage not just in the case of functionality, but in cost as well.

Interested in selling or purchasing Poynt and talech? feel free to reach out by emailing guiseppi@goboomtown.com


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